BauderBLUE STORMcell

When to specify 

BauderBLUE STORMcell system creates a blue roof beneath a roof finish for high volumes of storm water attenuation. The surface finish freely drains into the attenuating cavity forming layers that allow free-flowing movement of water to the flow restrictor outlets.

The solution 

The blue roof solution is designed to hold high volumes of stormwater during severe rain events and reduce the flow rate from the roof to levels the drainage system can cope with.

The BauderGREEN RWR 100 creates the void space beneath the roof finish and can be used in a multi-layer solution for increased levels of water attenuation. The product is over 95% void and achieves compressive strength ≥400kN/m2 for use under green roofs, roof mounted equipment, and hard landscaping surfaces.


■□ Accommodates high volumes of water
■□ Suitable as a base to build soft and hard landscaping off, including planters and paving details
■□ BauderGREEN RWR 100 made from recycled plastic
■□ High levels of compressive strength, suitable to mount plant equipment
■□ Ideal as part of a comprehensive BREEAM solution, specify with our biosolar PV array
■□ Specify with our BauderSOLAR G LIGHT biosolar PV array.

Finish options

Extensive, biodiverse, and semi-intensive green roofs 
BioSOLAR PV array 
Stone ballast 

Vegetation options

BauderGREEN flora seed mixes►