Restoring a current roof...

There are different options available for refurbishment; stripping up the failing system and replacing it, or overlaying the existing system. Each option has its benefits, and we can advise you as to which one is most suitable and cost-effective based on the results of your roof survey, which we carry out free of charge. View our Roof Review Magazine for more on surveys, refurbishment challenges and how to optimise your client's investment.

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Overlaying an existing roof covering is possible if the current roof is sound, dry and free from water damage. Additionally the overlay materials must be compatible with existing materials, the waterproofing systems suitable for use in an overly situation are; bituminous, single ply and cold applied liquid. More... ►


If there is any doubt over the long-term integrity of the roof or if there is significant moisture present within the system or underlying screed, the roof coverings should always be removed. Consideration must be given to whether stripping the roof will also mean removing the drainage falls, if so, it will be necessary to incorporate new screed, or more conveniently use tapered insulation to maintain adequate drainage. More... ►

Adding photovoltaic energy

Retrofitting photovoltaic panels creates a solar roof that produces electricity for the building's use, and brings all the benefits of low maintenance renewable energy generation to your project. The BauderSOLAR solution is the lightest crystalline panel system available and is easily and quickly installed. The solar array carries a single point guarantee that matches the duration of the waterproofing system.  More... ►

Appreciating the challenge

Your roof may well be experiencing challenges that a visual appraisal cannot always detect. Technical testing methods can be used to determine the scope of works required and provide you with graphic evidence of your roof’s condition. Armed with this information you can make informed decisions about how to action any defects and extend the life of your roof.

Core samples

Investigative core samples assess your current roof construction and the condition of the substrate. This sample is taken by your area technical manager in order to determine the course of remedial action and is included as part of our no obligation survey. More... ►

Moisture mapping

Non-destructive method of testing for trapped water within a multiple layered flat roof build up. A moisture gauge is used to pinpoint the presence of dampness within the roof structure to depths of 300mm with the results delivered as a topographical map. More... ►

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