New build flat roof projects

Specifiying the right soloution 

For new build projects, our range of waterproofing systems can be used with some systems lending themselves to a particular project depending on the design, cost, planning requirements, sustainability focus, and life expectancy.

Projects can often be required by planning to include an element of green roof with vegetation or recreational space, blue roof capacity for SuDS, or photovoltaics for energy generation. Our design team will support you through all the considerations required for the inclusion of these upgrades whilst also creating a scheme that safeguards the underlying Bauder waterproofing.


Why architects and building designers choose us

Clients choose us because of the way in which we do business, the way we treat every project individually, and how we work alongside customers, contractors, and all relevant stakeholders from project inception through to completion to deliver the best solution for a building.

Our service to you

We pride ourselves on being more than just a manufacturer and supplier. Our single point service ensures your roof design and installation is cohesive to reduce risk. As part of our service, we work on a one-to-one basis to ensure that the roof specification we generate for you meets the needs of the building and project stakeholders and will confirm suitability of the solution to each roof area being constructed. Our technical support is completed with a final inspection of the installation and guarantee. Find out more ►