BauderBLUE STORMvoid

When to specify

BauderBLUE STORMvoid system is a blue roof solution beneath hard landscaping on a pedestal support system. Courtyard podiums or terraces are ideal locations for this solution with a completely paved finish above the void space created by the pedestal system.

The solution

This blue roof solution incorporates open-jointed paving on a Bauder pedestal support system that covers the height of the H-Max. The weight loading of the paving must exceed any buoyancy forces that will be exerted on the pedestals. The STORMvoid system is likely to require additional ballast to prevent floatation if use on inverted blue roofs.

This simple system creates a void space with Bauder pedestals and paving finish to an exact finish height to allow water movement to the flow restrictor outlet. Utilising Bauder pedestals ensures the entire system is covered by our guarantee.

The Bauder pedestal range is suitable for use in the STORMvoid system beneath the surface finish and selection will depend on the performance required. The pedestal options include:

Bauder Adjustable Pedestal System
These simple, high strength, low-cost pedestal units that can be used to achieve depths from 18mm to 955mm. The pedestals feature a 197mm diameter base to negate the need for additional load spreader.

Bauder Non-Combustible Pedestal System
These are an all metal, non-combustible pedestal with a 170mm diameter base plate to spread load across the roof
surface. The pedestal system can achieve a variety of heights from 42mm to 282mm.


■□ Accommodates high volumes of water.
■□ Hard landscape paved finish.
■□ Often an ideal finish for simple roof areas.
■□ Ideal as part of a comprehensive BREEAM solution.

Finish options

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