Green roof maintenance

A green roof is a real asset to a building and for it to continue to deliver the environmental and aesthetic benefits for which it was originally designed it is important to carry out maintenance on a regular basis.

General maintenance

All roofs require a minimum of two inspections a year to ensure that the outlets etc are maintained, regardless of the type of green roof. An intensive green roof will require the regular maintenance associated with the planting scheme and landscape design, whereas an extensive green roof will need only minimal maintenance to ensure that any unwanted species do not become established. For details of general maintenance on the different types of our green roofs, please download our information.

Maintenance Service

Our service includes a full inspection and evaluation of the green roof and a bespoke report provided with photographic verification outlining the condition of the vegetation and the treatment required.  Call our team for more information 0845 271 8801

 A typical Bauder maintenance programme includes:

  • Roof Evaluation - One of our expert team will perform a comprehensive review of your green roof to determine what remedial work, if any, needs to be done.
  • Removal of Unwanted Items - Over time a green roof can become congested with leaves, debris and other unwanted vegetation, which we can remove as part of our service.
  • Inspection - of roof outlets and removal of any encroaching vegetation to enable water to flow freely through rainwater pipes.
  • Application of fertiliser - To help restore your green roof to its best an organic slow release granular fertiliser will encourage growth.
  • Testing - After all remedial work has been performed we will examine and test the irrigation system, ensuring it is working as expected.

With over 30 years' experience in the design and supply of green roofs throughout the UK and Ireland Bauder can offer unparalleled experience and expertise in green roof maintenance. Having established the largest UK facility cultivating green roof vegetation blanket we have unique knowledge and horticultural expertise for roofspace vegetation.

To discuss your specific requirements and for a no obligation quote, please call our green roof service team on 0845 271 8801 or alternatively send the team an email