Completing the roof package

As a responsible manufacturer and specialist, it is important to us to work with other key manufacturers that produce accompanying rooftop products such as rooflights, outlets and trims, for which their installation may affect the integrity of our waterproofing.

All these items need securing to the roof, which means finding a solution to roof details and working with the approved roofing contractor to ensure the installation is precise, accurate and robust.

  • Rooflights and AOVs
    Bauder Euroglaze and BauderDOME are the most advanced rooflight designs available. With high standards of illumination, insulation and ventilation, Bauder offers rooflights for all flat roofed buildings. All these glazing products are fully compatible with our roof waterproofing systems and the standard products all hold BBA certification. They are installed with a comprehensive guarantee to give total confidence and complete peace of mind.  More on rooflights and AOVs ►
  • Insulated outlets
    Bauder insulated outlets offer a solution to the problem of maintaining thermal continuity at drainage points. Ideal for warm, cold and inverted roof construction, the high thermal value of the rigid foam body prevents condensation from forming on the underside of the outlet. More on insulated outlets ►
  • Green roof accessories
    The full range of accessories ensures that a Bauder green roof has full compatibility across the entire installation.  Our range covers inspection chambers, linear drains, edge trims and much more.  More on green roof accessories ►