Transforming your roof

Retrofitting photovoltaic panels creates a solar roof that produces electricity for the building’s use, and brings all the benefits of low maintenance renewable energy generation to your project.

The primary consideration is to the additional weight loading and wind uplift factors that the PV array will impose and the capacity of the building’s structure to support the new provision. Two options are available, each with their benefits, requirements and commitment:

BauderSOLAR PV system

The most lightweight system available in the market (9-12.5Kg/m2), making it highly suitable for retrofit applications - where weight loadings are often a deciding factor on whether adding PV to an existing building is feasible. The integrity of the current roof covering is also completely upheld during the installation, as the Bauder system is installed using a unique penetration-free fixing method. Moreover, the low-profile modules are set at a 12° angle, ensuring they are unobtrusive and making it easier to overcome planning issues. More on BauderSOLAR ►

Bauder BioSOLAR

Combining a PV and green roof solution to gain the benefits of both over the entire roof area.  The anchor board for the PV is a green roof water retention board that when filled with substrate provides the ballasting mechanism for the array.  The vegetation can then be established around and beneath the PV panels which are positioned 300mm above the level of the substrate to allow for ample growth of the plants and ease of maintenance for both technologies. More on Bauder BioSOLAR ►