Technical Support Service for Refurbishment Projects

Supporting you in the design of a replacement roof to meet the needs of the building and all stakeholders

Our technical managers are based nationwide and play a vital role in the success of every project from initial investigative stage through to hand-over and sign-off of the Bauder installation.

We assist you with the design of the detailing, writing the specification for the flat roof solution, and recommend suitable approved contractors to tender for the project. The service is without charge, and we work with you to
ensure your roof specification meets all your needs.

Working with you to understand
■□ Building type and usage.
■□ Drivers for refurbishment, scope of roof failure, and any planning constraints.
■□ Need for additional scientific roof diagnostics.
■□ Requirements for waterproofing system design life.
■□ Opportunity for adding a green roof or solar PV array to meet sustainability targets.
■□ Budget.
■□ Waterproofing system requirements.
■□ Upgrading insulation to meet building regulations.
■□ Funding opportunities available.
■□ Guarantee requirements.

Our service to you delivers
■□ Roof survey and plans.
■□ Conditions of existing roof covering and identification of water ingress.
■□ Recommended waterproofing system.
■□ Full design service for green roof or solar PV with yield analysis.
■□ Comprehensive detailed specification.
■□ Upgrade insulation solution.
■□ Thermal analysis and condensation risk calculations.
■□ Falls and drainage design with tapered insulation scheme, where required.
■□ Wind load and restraint calculations.
■□ Detail drawings on all roof penetrations, abutments, and edge finishes.
■□ Proposed rooflight structures and other rooftop accessories.
■□ Guarantee options.
■□ Recommended approved contractors.
Our professional service offers you the accurate, technical support for your project. Together we will discuss how the programme of works can be formulated. By performing an appraisal of your roof, you will receive a detailed survey report which will identify the right waterproofing solution. Once the Bauder approved contractor has been appointed the works begin. All work is closely monitored by our site technicians to ensure quality and the guarantee is only issued upon a final inspection.