When to specify

BauderBLUE STORMsub system creates a blue roof within a green roof where the substrate and water retention board attenuate stormwater. Extensive or biodiverse vegetation finish can be coupled with a biosolar PV array for maximum environmental advantage.

The solution 

As part of a green roofs multi-layer design, green roofs naturally soak up water for the plants to use, retain it, and delay its run-off. A green roof has the abilty to reduce annual run off by 40-60% per annum*. However, once saturated there is no control on the rate of water discharge so on its own it cannot be used to achieve a particular discharge rate.

The BauderBLUE STORMsub system utilises our BauderGREEN RE 40 drainage and attenuation board and BauderGREEN SUB-RE UK adapted lightweight substrate as the specific water attenuation components; all other components in the green roof are specified as normal to support the vegetation and safeguard the waterproofing. 

The STORMsub system reduces the plastic content of the blue roof compared to a 100mm STORMcell system enhance the environmental focus of the solution.


■□ Greater depth of substrate improves the vegetation cover and the drought tolerance.
■□ Reduces the volume of plastics in the blue roof (84% reduction) compared to our STORMcell system with 100mm depth        of BauderGREEN RWR 100.
■□ Suitable to use with our biosolar PV system.
■□ Can be used with Bauder’s full range of vegetation options to suit visual preference or Biodiversity Action Plan.

Finish options

■□ Extensive and biodiverse vegetation ►
■□ BauderSOLAR G LIGHT ►